Where can you create a low cost/free website?
2008-05-27 12:50:35 UTC
My parents are wanting to create an online store using their own website, but are unsure how toget started. Does anywhere know of a way you can make your own web store for little or no cost?
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2008-05-27 13:05:22 UTC
To get started you could use a free hosting even though i would avoid them because of ads , reliability etc.., but its a good way to test the grounds.

Here is the best FreeHost i could find for you :)


- 250 MB of Disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth

- Host your own domain (

- cPanel Powered Hosting (you will love it)

- Over 500 website templates ready to download

- Free POP3 Email Box with Webmail access

- FTP and Web based File Manager

- PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby.

And more: Image Magick, Streaming Video, Spam Protection, Redirect URL, Fantastico Autoinstaller, Website Builder, FTP Support, Web File Manager, Calendar Functions, Curl, libcurl functions, Exif Extension (able to work with image meta data), FTP Library, GD Library (and manipulate images), Iconv Library (character set conversion facility), Magic Quotes, safe_mode OFF, PHP mail() and Sendmail, IonCube Loader, Zend Optimizer, fopen() and PHP sockets and many more ;)...

For a blog you could use blogger



Good luck

2008-05-27 13:47:57 UTC
If at all possible, avoid free sites. You get what you pay for.

Free sites post their ads on your web page and you never know what will end up as today's banner. These low-ballers don’t spend a lot of $$$ on server-side security, either.

Finally, anybody can host a website. All you need is a server and some closet space. You can buy disk space at whole prices and sell at retail. But here's the problem:

these companies can sign on lots of customers for long contracts then disappear - gone. And not only has the host disappeared, so has your site and your database. And all of your hard work.

You can get quality, shared hosting from a company with a 10 year history for about $7.00 a month. You also get lots of free software, redundant security, tech support, etc. - all for $7 a month.

It's just not worth the risk to go with free hosts who may be here today, gone tomorrow - with your website and business.

Think of your web host as your online partner. That's what it is.

Good luck with your site,

2008-05-29 12:21:55 UTC
2008-05-27 12:54:39 UTC, but its more for kids

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